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Envirotek Services offers a wide range of services specifically tailored to the needs of our Clients.


Partial List of Services

Commercial and Residential Commercial and Residential Commercial and Residential

Carpets, Floors Upholstery
Janitorial Services
Vacant Properties

Rental Units

Industrial Facilities
Educational Facilities

High Rise Apartments
Garden Style Apartments



Water Damage Mitigation
Fire/Smoke Restoration
Contgents Cleaning/Restoration

Mold Remediation/Treatment Structural
Assessment of Damaged Goods
Remove/Discard Damaged Goods
Remove Wet/Damages Drywall
Air Movers/Carpet Dryers
Large Capacity Dehumidifiers
HEPA Filtered Air Scrubbers


After Flood Drywall Repairs

General Drywall Installs

Custom Painting

General Repairs and Improvements

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